Bachelor of Arts in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English also follows the CHED minimum standards. The program is specifically devoted to learning and teaching the English language. It generally aims to expose the students to linguistics, language research and information technology, thereby making them aware of the important function of language in today’s society and its role in the world in general.



The program ensures that:

  • Students speak and write well in the English language, while developing strong critical thinking skills, a high sense of ethical responsibility
  • It prepares students for jobs that require specialization in English language such as teachers of English, writers, editors, researchers, contact center specialists, and corporate communications consultants, among others
  • It lays the foundation for higher educations/studies in the graduate and post-graduate level
  • It serves as a preparatory requirement in the pursuit of legal studies or Bachelor of Laws; and
  • It serves as the preparatory or core course in the pursuit of an additional major in the Arts such as Journalism and Communication courses.

Graduates of the program could have the following careers:

  • >English Teachers; Editors, Researchers;
  • Writers, Contact Center Specialist;
  • Corporate Communications Consultant

Why Study at AIDE?

There are so many reasons why adult or working learners should
study at AIDE:

  • It provides a platform for lifelong learning, education for all
    and continuing education for adult and working learners;
  • Its programs are CHED recognized;  Its curriculum is in accordance with CHED policies, standards and guidelines (PSGs) or the CHED Memorandum
    Order (CMO) on AB Political Science, BS Business Administration and AB English;
  • It has complete set of print-based materials which aids the
    students’ learning in open/distance learning; these are prepared by qualified experts;
  • It allows a system of studying at your own pace, place and time;
  • Teaching-learning processes are guided, monitored and
    evaluated by qualified professionals, teachers and administrators using IT-enabled facilities.


1.Filipinos or foreigners who are secondary education
graduate, or its equivalent.
2.Transferees from other institutions.

Checklists of Requirements:

  • High School Card
  • c2 pcs. 2x2 pictures
  • Marriage ontract (if married for female)
  • NSO copy of birth certificate


  • Honorable Dismissal
  • Transcript of Records
  • 2 pcs. 2xw pictures
  • Marriage contract (if married for female)
  • NSO copy of birth certificate

Requirements For Online Examination
(For Abroad)
If Employed:

  • Employment Certificate
  • Copy of passport with visa
  • Xerox copy of passport with latest stamp immigration (Stamp of Arrival)
  • Xerox copy of Company ID

If Not Employed:

  • Justification letter from the student or from the parents
  • Employment certificate of spouse/parents
  • Xerox copy of passport with visa
  • Xerox copy of passport withlatest stamp of immigration (Stamp of Arrival)
  • If no latest stamp of immigration (Stamp of Arrival), copy of green card ID

For Provincial Areas:

  • Barangay certificate

Fill-up Application Form