Guidelines of the AIDE Learning System:

Upon enrolment, the student is given a learning package for each of the subjects he is enrolled in. A learning package is made up of the following:

The progress check test is a self-assessment of how much the student had learned from each lesson, thus, if he checks his answer against that of the given answers and find that he missed out on many items he has to study the lesson again until he gets a perfect score. This is in preparation for his module test, which is actually a summation of the progress check. Once he has finished all the lessons in the module, he takes the Module Test.
This process is repeated until he has finished all the modules. He then submits all the Module Tests to AIDE, after which he can get the final examination either at AIDE or at designated place. When taking final examinations in the designated examination
centers, the student has to inform AIDE when he would take the test to enable AIDE to furnish the test for the proctor.
All of these processes have to be done within four (4) months upon enrollment, as this is the duration of the trimester term. It is imperative that at least the module tests should be submitted within this period, as failure to do so would mean that the
subject is considered as “failed” and hence without credit, and has to be repeated. If the student is able to submit his module tests within four months, he is given 30 days or one month only to take the final examination but if he fails to do so, then the subject is considered as “failed”.
To make studying and compliance with the above procedure easier, it is suggested that the student disciplines himself to finish one subject per month, to avoid cramming.

Module Test Rating – 40%
Final Examination – 60%

Grading System:

1.00 (95-100) 2.50 (77-79)
1.25 (92-94) 2.75 (74-76)
1.50 (89-91) 3.00 (72.5-73)
1.75 (86-88) 5.00 (Failure)
2.00 (83-85) AW (Authorized Withdrawal)
2.25 (80-82) Drp (Dropped)
Inc. (Incomplete)

Student Services:

Library Services
While the distance study system makes it the responsibility of the individual student to provide himself with the required textbooks and reference materials, AIDE students can avail themselves of the library facilities at the pre-designated learning centers.

Learning Centers

To make student services more accessible to students, AIDE had come up with Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with selected universities in the regions to provide these services. Currently, MOA’s had been signed with the Barasoain Center for Innovative Education (BarCIE), University of Regina Carmeli in Malolos, Bulacan, to service students in Regions I, II, and III, and Batangas State University in Batangas City for students in Region IV. The Learning Center in the AIDE office will service those in Metro Manila and others who may opt to use it.
Learning Centers in the other regions will be designated as the need arises.