Jonas Ernell H. Hornilla

“Good morning!

First of all, I want to thank God for this wonderful moment. I’m very delighted today because this day is very special to all of us. Who would have thought that I will be here in front of you? I can’t even imagine that this day will come. That’s way it’s my great pleasure and honor to share my studying journey with all of you.

Nine years ago, after finishing my secondary school level, I didn’t have any dreams or goals. I decided to study Engineering but went two different schools and ended up with nothing. My transcripts with those two schools were flooded with “dropped” remarks but I didn’t care.

It was in 2016, when Nazareth became my second home, staying with them for four years and with the continuous education from our Alma Mater, AIDE, that my perception turned 360 degrees. I realized that I needed to step-out, set plans and goals for my life. Despite age, AIDE and Nazareth encouraged me that it will be better to continue studying and keep moving forward.

Those two years studying were very hard as I had difficult times because I was not used to doing it. I’d been lazy, lacked perseverance, had failed subjects because I’m not sure what will I do after finishing my degree. Still, I keep on going, those challenges made me stronger. I’ve learned that it’s not only the theories that were learned but our Alma Mater taught me how to eagerly live, be mature and have discipline. This was the best part of education – how you handle yourself while learning. It should not be all about the grades but of gaining wisdom, sharing it with others and living responsibly.

This second chance given to me by our school is an experience that will be treasured in my heart. I want also to express my sincerest gratitude to Nazareth which made me realize the great importance of education. To my family and loved-ones who never stopped teaching and guiding me the value of education, this is all for you. To my fellow graduates, today is the start of our success, congratulations to all of us!”