De Vera, Vanessa Isabel A.

At AIDE, rearing kids while studying is possible.

“It felt like I was given another chance to fulfill my dreams again. I gave birth while still pursuing my studies in this institution.

I am so thankful with AIDE because they gave opportunities for those who have work and still wanted to earn a degree and for those like me, just stay at home and soon to be mothers/young mothers actually, wanting to finish their studies without the hassle of rumors and malicious eyes staring at you while you’re pregnant and studying.

So, if you think that there’s no more hope because you were not able to finish college? Think again. Because there are institutions who will accept, who and what you are despite of what you are going through. That is the Asian Institute for Distance Education (AIDE) .

I feel so blessed and proud that I am graduate of Asian Institute for Distance Education Foundation. Because, now that I am a permanent employee of DENR-ABRA”